Established Presence

Our broad foundation of services are tailored to encompass every aspect of an assignment, from thoroughly understanding objectives and establishing strategic goals, to developing the optimal capital structure.   Through an excellent reputation with fund providers, a long track record of success and a broad network of expert partners, we are able to quickly develop an effective business case in support of the following financial products:

Debt and Equity Financing

We have raised over $2 billion in equity and debt finance primarily for private Canadian companies.   We develop the best debt and equity structure as determined by our client’s needs and objectives and current market conditions.   We have a fully integrated approach to the capital structure,  by employing senior debt, mezzanine finance and equity as required, we minimize cost and dilution.

We have established relationships built over our thirty-year history with banks and other financial institutions, private equity funds, high net worth individuals and venture capital funds in Canada and the United States.



We maximize value by performing a thorough industry analysis to identify buyers for whom the prospective acquisition offers the best strategic fit and are therefore likely to pay the highest price.   We prepare a compelling business case, which is presented sequentially to small groups of qualified potential buyers to generate multiple offers.  

We avoid the “shot gun” approach favoured by many of our competitors to ensure the transaction remains confidential.   Erosion of value can result if it becomes known in the market that the business is for sale, harming customer and supplier relationships and employee morale.

Our clients include private entrepreneurs, multinationals, and venture capital funds seeking an exit to their investments.


Management Buyouts

We have completed over 60 MBO’s.

Management’s knowledge of the business and its willingness to participate in an acquisition provides a unique opportunity to leverage a relatively small investment to acquire a significant shareholding position.   For example, in a large transaction that we executed, members of management were able to acquire a 25% equity interest, notwithstanding the fact that they collectively invested less than 1% of the funding required.


Project Finance

We assist our clients and use our contacts to develop and negotiate term supply contracts and off-take agreements.   We leverage these contracts in order to maximize the term and limit the recourse of debt financing.   We will also arrange the financing for any shortfalls in the project through the private placement of subordinated debt and equity.


Mergers and Acquisitions

We work with clients to develop and fully understand strategic objectives, competitive strengths and long-term goals.   We research and identify potential targets consistent with these goals and present them to our clients.   After discussion with our clients, we contact targets to qualify interest, protecting our client’s anonymity until serious due diligence commences.   We handle all aspects of the negotiation, structuring the transaction to minimize the client’s upfront financial exposure.   In addition, we arrange any financing necessary for the acquisition and for working capital requirements.